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rosetta stone spanish level 1-3 new

rosetta stone spanish level 1-3 new never opened please call 918-534-7271 or 918-695-8269 or 918-534-7272 why pay almost $500.00 for this when you can get it for $200.00 please call or text me any time 918-534-7271 or 918-695-8269 or 918-534-7272 Inside the box,you`ll find: 1.one User`s Guide disc 2.one Application of Rosetta stone disc.The software is the newest version which is V 3.4.5. 3.Three Language level discs,Level 1,Level 2,Level 3. How to install and use 1.After the rosetta stone program is installed,DO NOT RUN it immediatly. 2.Turn into the folder of the application disc,"\APPlication\Rosetta Stone V3.4.5 (windows)\Patch",copy the file named "RosettaStoneVersion3.exe"; 3.Turn into the folder where you install the rosetta stone software,paste and recover the original "rosettastoneversion3.exe". 4.Install the language levels.When you use Rosetta Stone, the activation screen will appear,click "Activate Later" to ignore it; you will be able to fully use any installed language packs regardless of their activation status. NOTE :,it doesn`t come with the audio companion and headset,and it doesn`t need to register.We promise you can fully use all the language levels,while you install and use as description above tell you to do,simple and easy. Product Description * Rosetta Stone teaches you a new language naturally, by getting you to think, live and breathe the language * Innovative solutions get you speaking new words, right from the start * Rosetta Stone moves forward only when you`re ready--you drive the pace, you set the schedule * With Rosetta Stone, you`ll discover a foundation of key vocabulary that you`ll use to build into a whole new language * Audio Companion lets you take the Rosetta Stone experience anywhere: in the car, at the gym, or on-the-go

Contact Info
Name: mackenzie durham
City: bartlesville
Phone: 918-534-7271
Email: kenzie-durham@sbcglobal.net

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